Daily Archives: February 16, 2014

Top 5 posts this week.

I think it’s kind of fascinating that there are all these different ways to gauge what people find interesting. Did you know you could actually look to see which posts people read the most each week/month/day?

I kind of go through these phases where I focus on certain areas of my life more than others. Sometimes it’s the teaching stuff, and sometimes it’s the relationship stuff. Sometimes it’s totally random and has nothing to do with those two major parts of my life, but rather about my past.

This week’s most popular posts were definitely the relationship stuff… probably in honor of Valentine’s Day. (Believe me, I’m glad THAT’s over!)

I’m going to try to start posting a top 5 list, and maybe do a poll over what I should focus on for the following week. Or at the very least, what my first post of the next week should be.

Here goes nothing!

Number 5: Well meaning advice can backfire.

Number 4: Nature vs. Nurture (part 2)

Number 3: Pompeii, Civil Rights, and Procrastination (seriously, that movie is intense in a good way)

Number 2: Valentine’s Memories

And the number 1 post viewed this week: Rewind and Review of My Current Situation.

Apparently the internet loves to see when my life is miserable… Wish I could disappoint, but things are still in flux in all aspects of my life right now:

  • My relationship (that’s not a relationship) kind of came to a head this weekend.
  • My job still causes me a teensy bit of anxiety.
  • I’m re-evaluating this plan to go back to school.
  • And while my finances are moderately stable, that’s only because I had to ask for help to keep from getting so far under I couldn’t make it out again.

So what should I focus on for my next post?