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grad school decisions

Decisions about Grad School

I still have every intention of going back to Grad school, but the choice of what to study has left me with a bit of a conundrum. I took several graduate level classes before I began teaching, and was unsatisfied with the subject matter. I wanted to study literature to prove a little theory of mine, and the basic English Lit Master’s program wasn’t cutting it.

See, I’m full of theories. It goes back to being a Gemini, a starter of things that never quite get finished. So I have a lot of theories about a lot of things. And mostly things that have little or no importance to my actual life.

For example, I have this theory about objects in space. If all of life is cyclical, and the doings and machinations of man’s society can be mirrored in the minuscule workings of ants or other insects, why can’t the same be true for planets and solar systems? Now, I know that ants are nothing like humans, but the basic idea of needing order from chaos is a universal thing seen throughout nature. All animals group together to form little colonies or families or somesuch, and by studying groupings of certain species, we can kind of see the social evolution of humanity.

Similarly, I have a theory that you can determine the lifetime of a star by figuring out the lifetime of atoms. Assuming the star is the nucleus and the planets are the particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom, watching how atoms change and eventually die should help determine how solar systems do the same thing. I mean in essence, aren’t they the same thing only in different sizes? I always get tripped up when you add in moons and things, but I think the premise is somewhat valid…

Maybe a better lead in would have been fractals.

grad school decisions

Anyway, the point is I have theories galore that fill the little unused portions of my brain. Sometimes things worth discussing, and sometimes not at all. Continue reading Decisions about Grad School