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Our hearts are with the family…

Obviously today is a sad day in our history as a nation. A young man is dead, and there is no justice for the family. But what makes it worse is that instead of making a positive change, there are protests in the streets, and more death.

I plan for this to be a short post, but those of you who have been following me since the beginning know how difficult that is for me… But I will try.

I want to offer my condolences for the family, first and foremost. No one can imagine the pain you must be going through at this time, particularly when it seems obvious that justice will not be given. When a person’s life is cut short, there is always the hope that the person who took that life will be punished for their actions. In this case, the system failed. Punishment will not be given, and I am sorry for that.

And how I wish I could end this here, with a heartfelt apology and hope that we can do what we can to move on from this painful memory, but the people won’t allow me to stop there. The people have taken upon themselves to get violent. Tear gas has been ordered. People have been injured. Twitter exploded with the news so that even in Texas I can see the images of injured people, and the emotion-inducing images of the SWAT team or riot squad in military formation beneath the Season’s Greetings sign.

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Passion is sexy.

So it’s a beautifully grey day! Actually, it’s rainy and yucky and just the slightest bit cold, but I’m hopped up on cold and flu medication, wrapped up in a fuzzy green blanket and watching a movie that has reminded me why the creative life is so great!

The movie is Begin Again, and I had missed the opportunity to watch an advanced preview of this film when it came out, and I am saddened that I didn’t get to see it on the big screen! The way Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley play off of each other and create characters who create beautiful, heartfelt music in an age when it’s all about the look instead of the song, just made me warm and bubbly on the inside!

Theoretically, it could be a fever and mucus that has caused this warm and fuzzy feeling, but I don’t think it is.

I think what makes me feel so overwhelmed with the feel-goods is the way they stick to their guns; they being the characters. They have a creative vision, and as the vision becomes realized, there is such a wonderful feeling of seeing their hard work become a living product and take on a life of it’s own…

The courage and dedication of that is supremely sexy! (As if Mark Ruffalo wasn’t sexy enough already!)

When someone has a vision, and they have the willpower to stick to it and finish what they start… Well, that is arguably the sexiest thing on the planet. Whether it is the desire to design a building, or start your own company, or start a family, or just be the best at whatever it is you have chosen to do with your life. That passion that drives you is what makes you special. That passion is what draws people to you.

It’s a lesson I’m learning, ever so slowly, but I am learning. Learning and evolving.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that I may not finish my NaNoWriMo story. Not on time anyway. I’ve been working on it as I go, which is counter to the NaNoWriMo process, but I’m happier with the product this way, so I have to decide if it’s the word count, or the end product that I’m going to focus on to make me happy.

I choose the end product.

I’m going to stick to my guns and make my book dream become what I know it can be, and if I reach my word count, then that’s great. I have 10 days to write 35,000 words. I might be able to do it. But I’m not going to give in on the quality.

Passion drives me, and it’s given me a power I didn’t know I had.

I hope everyone can find the same strength I’ve found. Find  your passion, people. Find it and follow your dreams!

And if you need some inspiration, definitely watch Begin Again! (Psst, it’s in Redbox at the moment…)

Why I don’t read reviews until after the movie: An attempt to save Interstellar

So I went to see Christopher Nolan’s new flick Interstellar the other day with a friend (the Artist, for those of you keeping up with my social life), and I really enjoyed it. When my friend asked me what I thought, I was unable to initially tell him because I wasn’t sure. There was a lot to process.

And in a world where everything from information to gratification is instantaneous, this could leave a few people wanting from this movie, as seen by the review I happened upon this morning. The author, one Nico Lang, claims that there are 7 very obvious (to him) reasons that people should avoid this movie.

Well, Mr. Lang, I disagree with you!

I won’t admit that his reasons aren’t somewhat valid, but I think he is making too much of them, or is unappreciative of what Nolan is trying to accomplish with this movie.

I’d like to take a look at some of his key points, but in doing so will probably drop a spoiler here or there, so if you haven’t seen it yet, but intend to do so, you should probably leave now.


For the rest of you, who either don’t care about me ruining the plot of this movie for you, or who’ve already seen it and are trying to decide what you think about it, let’s just jump right into Lang’s list: Continue reading Why I don’t read reviews until after the movie: An attempt to save Interstellar

In other writing news…

I didn’t win the Iggle Horror Story Contest. I didn’t expect I would… My story was unfinished, and written while absolutely exhausted, so there’s no real way it could have won. I knew it wasn’t very good when I sent it.

The winning story is pretty awesome! I hope I can get my writing back up to at least that level. Unfortunately, I fear my NaNo writing isn’t really up to par either, but it is just a first draft, so maybe there’s hope.

You can download the PDF of all the Iggle Halloween stories, if you like.