Daily Archives: December 9, 2014

Last Link to Myself (Original Poem)

Around I go again
Hiding from myself the truth in an unanswered lie.
Warm hands and dark eyes reaching into the soul of me to rip out
A part that cannot hide.
The part of me that needs to be seen,
The part of me that needs to feel loved and worn:
A façade of truth that hides all the lies I tell myself.
The part of me that loosens itself willingly to be taken up by another
One whom I have known and not known from the beginning of time.
Links of tarnished chain hold firmly connected to
This empty shell
With all my soul in the hands of another.
The clinking clanking jingle of my truth tugging free
I have become inside out,
Bared open,
The flesh of my deepest self, bright and bleeding.
You offer me a band aid and say it’s all my fault.
I am the liar,
Hiding the truth,
Clinking, clanking, jingling in your hands.
My truth you wear like a glove,
The length and breadth of you twisting and contorting it to your own means.
Words misspoken become a truth unseen before,
Sharp as razor blades ripping into the bleeding flesh of
My soul, exposed and torn,
Held together by your band aid words
That shame me into compliance to your will.
A chain twisting in your hands,
The leash of lies by which you drag me through the mud
Until there is no me left.