Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it…

Today is a day (though highly commercialized) when most people celebrate life and love by being with friends and family… and giving lots and lots of presents! I hope you and yours stay warm this holiday (for the northern hemisphere folks, and stay cool to those of you below the equator), and that your Christmas is filled with joy as we wrap up this year and jump into the next (hopefully better) year!

I’ll check back in tomorrow to see what wondrous presents you received. So if you got something especially excellent, please leave a comment below.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and may you all be blessed by the deity (or Timelord) of your choosing!

Merry Christmas!


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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