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A New Year’s To Remember

In my last couple of posts, I hinted at how wonderful my New Year’s was, and I promised to fill you in on the details. So even though it means I’m posting more than usual, here is me making good on that promise. To be honest, though, I’m finding it a bit hard to find the words.

Not because it was bad; it most decidedly was not bad, but because there’s that tiny part of me that thinks it was just too good to be true and if I put it in print I’ll jinx the whole thing.

This story actually begins before New Year’s. I met this guy at an event some while ago (somewhere towards the conclusion of the first mess with the Artist). He was funny and cute and showed up with a superman shirt (complete with cape) under his dress shirt. I’d actually met him before, and he’d been cute, but I didn’t see enough of his personality to make a lasting impression. The night of the superman shirt, he definitely made an impression!


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The Christmas Purge: Renegotiating Relationships and Why That’s Okay

Before my wonderful New Year’s could take place, there was the purging and apologizing of Christmas 2014. Three of the men whom I have dated (or attempted to) took actions that altered our relationship in some major way (or attempted to). For two of them, it meant that they were out of my life for good, while the third made an interesting choice and has opened up a door that was forever closed. Admittedly, this metaphorical door is barely cracked open and the security chain is still firmly in place, but it has allowed me to begin truly healing a wound that was deep.

He also gave me some really good advice concerning one of the other men in question.

Before we get into the sagely advice, you should be warned that we’re talking about the Boy here.


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