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Looking at the Gender Divide: Where does it come from?

Usually when discussing the “gender divide” people are referring to the pay gap between the sexes. Men make more money than women in similar fields, regardless of experience or proven success.

But why?

At the end of the day, that particular discussion goes back to the power levels between men and women. Historically speaking, women have been treated as property because it was believed we were incapable of doing the same work as a man. It was also understood that the woman’s place was in the home to raise the children and provide the education. This arrangement, however gave all the POWER in the relationship to the men.

We women revolted and thus have been fighting for equality for quite some time now (right to vote, property rights, reproductive rights). We took the fight to the boardroom sometime in the 1970’s, and we’ve been fighting the “good fight” ever since. Whoever has the money, has the power, and women as a whole have been fighting to regain some of the power.


If you ask me, though, this “fight” to be recognized in business is only a reflection of the power struggle inherent in our relationships. Continue reading Looking at the Gender Divide: Where does it come from?