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Secrets and Services: my Kingsman Date

Having finally become free of the confusion that was Superman, I went to the movies with the Boy. It wasn’t a date (contrary to the title of this post), so before you all decide I’m doing something ridiculously stupid, please understand that. For one thing, having had some space fromĀ our past negativity, and having already forgiven him for the hurts he caused, I think we’ve actually gotten to a place where we understand each other. Something interesting has happened where I now realize how to speak to him, and I’m learning (there was a momentary pause when I first arrived at the theater considerably later than I’d planned to that was iffy for me) not to take offense at his blunt way of speaking.

It ended up being a fantastic evening, and was precisely what I needed!

And no, this wasn’t some sort of strange way to make myself feel better after the end of Superman. This was a pre-planned arrangement between friends. The Boy’s new girl has some phobia about movie theaters, so he needed a movie buddy, and I really really wanted to see Kingsman.

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