Secrets and Services: my Kingsman Date

Having finally become free of the confusion that was Superman, I went to the movies with the Boy. It wasn’t a date (contrary to the title of this post), so before you all decide I’m doing something ridiculously stupid, please understand that. For one thing, having had some space from our past negativity, and having already forgiven him for the hurts he caused, I think we’ve actually gotten to a place where we understand each other. Something interesting has happened where I now realize how to speak to him, and I’m learning (there was a momentary pause when I first arrived at the theater considerably later than I’d planned to that was iffy for me) not to take offense at his blunt way of speaking.

It ended up being a fantastic evening, and was precisely what I needed!

And no, this wasn’t some sort of strange way to make myself feel better after the end of Superman. This was a pre-planned arrangement between friends. The Boy’s new girl has some phobia about movie theaters, so he needed a movie buddy, and I really really wanted to see Kingsman.


Admittedly, I had originally asked Superman to watch the movie with me, but he apparently went to go see the movie with his brother and sister-in-law (if anything he says is to be believed) just before I asked him if he wanted to see it. Had I ever meant anything to him, that would have been a good thing to invite me to do with him. We had discussed the movie, and we didn’t get to see each other very often, so it would have only made sense that he would have invited me to that.

But, as we’ve learned, I was always just the back-up girl, or the side chick.

So, I asked the Boy if he wanted to go, because he had said something about wanting a movie buddy, and, well, I like movies.


Plus he knows how I feel about having a discussion after the movie is over, and now he seems to plan accordingly; he even mentioned that very thing when we scheduled this outing. I ended up hanging out with him until very, Very, VERY late. But it was really fun!

It was nice to have my friend back, without the fighting and the misunderstandings.

It helps that it was an awesome movie…contrary to what I was told. Since Superman told me he’d already seen it, I asked, and he didn’t give it a very good review. He said it was cheesy but had decent action, but he made it seem like it wasn’t really worth it (that’s kind of a thing between he and I). I think I’ve decided that either he wasn’t really paying attention, or he lied about going. Perhaps it was a lie that he thought would convince me not to see the movie so he wouldn’t have to admit to having not seen it during a later conversation between us.

Knowing what I know now, he probably was out with that other girl, or had plans to see it with her, and couldn’t think of a better lie to tell me.

Or maybe he did actually see it. Never can tell with that one.

never know

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • I enjoyed seeing Samuel L. Jackson in a role totally different than his usual bad ass with a gun role, and yes his character was a little campy, but it was in good fun.


  • I liked the twist on the villain, where his purpose is noble, but his methods unsound.
  • I liked how the main bad ass was actually a woman…with a disability! Come on, now, how can you turn your nose up at a woman with swords for feet?


  • I liked how there wasn’t really an emphasis on romance, even though there was a distinct connection between our lead character and one of the girl candidates. It was much better that Roxy was able to shine on her own (somewhat) rather than just be the dumb “Bond girl” who needs to be saved.


  • I liked that the actor playing the main character was relatively unknown…well at least to me. He was cute, but also very talented, and man can he move! There were a few scenes where I was a little jealous of whatever woman gets to be his cuddle buddy.


  •  And finally, I like that it was a bit of a rags to riches story that showed that even if you come from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks, you can make it…but that manners are still important. This is something I try to teach to my kiddos, but the lesson gets jumbled somewhere because I’m just a teacher. Maybe if more movies showed the importance of manners (instead of the importance of “hitting that…”), it would start to sink in.


Overall, it had a really great cast, both the older set and the newbies, and the storyline held my attention enough that even when I was distracted a bit, I was still very much into the movie. As campy as it was in spots, I think it made up for it in other ways, like absolutely amazing fight scenes, and pretty cool Bond-like gadgets.

Superman’s proclamation that the plot didn’t go anywhere is just wrong. For one thing, there is a definite plot line, unlike Jupiter Ascending. For another, the only way he could have been confused by what was happening was if he was busy rubbing on the thigh of his date… which is a thing that happens sometimes it seems. And more often than I had previously thought.

This movie might actually make it’s way into my collection. I think it’s the evolution of what the Bond style of movie. The girls are more actively involved, and not just as love interests, sex toys, or seductresses, but actually as semi-fully developed characters.

I especially liked that it was one of those movies that was semi self-aware. The line where Samuel L. Jackson’s character points out the major flaw in the plans of almost every Bond villain ever (you know, where they tell their plan before attempting to kill Bond), and then says something along the lines of “this isn’t that kind of movie…” sticks out as one of those self-aware moments.

Love and Other Disasters, another one of my favorite movies does that, too , and it’s also a bit on the campy side. It’s definitely a chick flick, but it’s really cute as well, and a little bit too true:

Back to Kingsman, I think it was the perfect movie for re-introducing the Boy into my life officially. Given that we had that inside joke about him being James Bond, and me giving him cufflinks with flashdrives in them as part of our inside joke, it definitely feels like we’ve gone full circle, but to a place we should have gone instead.

Before I forget, I need to give him props for this totally new Boy that he’s become. Everything that hurt me and upset me from before, he made a point to not do, or to do the right thing opposite so that I got everything I wanted out of the evening. I already mentioned that he set this up and including time to talk after, and that was a huge thing for me. He actually made a time to go to the movies, as in he set a specific day and time that was allotted for us to hang out…and he allotted time for quality time after.

Plus, he told me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, but rather that the problem was with Superman. I really needed to hear that. It was nice to feel important to someone; we both agreed that we missed certain things about each other. It was just nice all the way around.

I am really glad to have my friend back.

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