Day 2: What’s in a name?

You get bonus points if you recognize the quote.

Day 2 of our 30 Day “Get to know me” adventure looks into the reasoning behind my blog name. In the early days of this blog, I envisioned this as a place where I could vent about the various struggles of my day while sipping a cup of tea and exercising my writing muscles in a coffee shop somewhere, similar to the great writers of all time. I imagined embracing my inner beatnik and wearing black turtlenecks while sitting in the smoking section of an all night diner. Not smoking; just writing.


Can’t you just see it (now that you know what I look like)? My hair in a bun, with pens and pencils sticking out at odd angles, headphones in, making me oblivious to the outside world while the words come billowing forth from my fingertips onto the digital page, a steaming cup of tea nearby as the source of my inspiration.

Tea makes everything better.

Cup of hot teaWhen you’ve had a bad day, a cup of hot chamomile tea can ease the stress knotted between your shoulder blades. In the middle of the snowy winter, snuggling into the blankets with a book and a steamy cup of peppermint tea is precisely what the Doctor ordered. A hot summer evening in the middle of Texas isn’t complete without a cold glass of iced tea. Eating sushi, or any other Asian meal for that matter, isn’t complete without a cup of green tea. Seeking spiritual peace? Try a cup of yerba mate out of a gourd. Have some Earl Grey, Captain Picard style, or drink it black with two sugars like Sherlock (according to Yahoo Answers… not sure how accurate that is). Tea in all it’s forms is pretty amazing.

Tea makes everything better.

This blog has grown and shifted and morphed until finally settling on being a blog about relationships, but I’ve decided to keep the tea theme. Now, however, instead of the image of beatnik Liz writing in the coffee shop, the Just Add Tea name brings images of women in sitting rooms discussing their problems over a cup of tea.

Downton Abbey teatime

The salon or sitting room has long been the place for women to discuss their more private lives and seek the advice of other women. Things that have traditionally been too risque personal to discuss with the menfolk was discussed in the privacy of the sitting room.

There is power in these discussions between women. We build each other up when the men tear us down. We offer advice on how to be successful when the outside world makes us doubt ourselves. We remind each other of why we are amazing.

This is what I want from this blog.

womenhuggingAdmittedly, it’s still been mostly me just venting about my own life. It’s felt, in spots, like a gossip column, but it’s also had a bit of advice… from time to time. For me, it has been a place where, when things go absolutely wrong (like the recent Superman debacle), women (and some men) can rally around me and remind me of my inner power, my beauty, my strength that is inherent in all women.

Welcome to my sitting room.

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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