Daily Archives: February 25, 2015

Day 3: A Dozen Random Facts About Me

I’m not sure I can truly say these facts are “random” since I am the one deciding which facts to share. There are things that I just won’t share, and yet some of those questions are ones that, I imagine, would come up if I were to take requests from random people. Instead you get a selection of the 12 questions I would be comfortable answering. Thus, totally planned, and not at all random.

1. I am adopted. This isn’t exactly a new fact, but it is the most important fact about me. It really has defined who I am in so very many ways! For instance, like I discussed on Day 1, it means I’m open-minded because I don’t really see race. I see  the personality of a person before I see the outside.

2. I have a fear of failure. Through my own self-evaluation, I’ve learned that this is somewhat due to my adoption. The way it was explained to me was that I was “chosen” like a car or a new toy. I’ve also heard other parents say this to their adopted children, or about their adopted children. In fact it is the most accepted ways of explaining adoption to children who don’t have a grasp on what it really means. Continue reading Day 3: A Dozen Random Facts About Me