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Day 6: 3 Things to Be Proud Of.

And by “three things,” I mean personality traits.

The English teacher in me feels a need to explain what personality traits are. So please indulge me, and I’ll explain it the way I would to my kiddos:

Personality traits aren’t things that make you pretty, or at least not in the purely superficial, outer appearance kind of way. Instead they are the things that make you an individual. When looking at characters in stories, books, movies, or television shows, you have to be able to determine a person’s personality (or moral character) by looking at their actions, or how they say things. A character who beats up another character for his lunch money is probably a bully. His actions might be that he speaks angrily, or that he inflicts pain without thinking about his actions. Thus his personality traits might be described as: insensitive, rude, brash, or (if we want to give him a positive spin) forceful.

“These things are inferred….”

And then the lesson could continue. For my purposes here, I don’t think I need to give anyone a reading assignment. Of course, if you want one, let me know, and by all means I will oblige with an appropriately relevant passage and questions.

storyofoA passage from The Story of O would make for an interesting character study…

“To say that from the moment her lover had left, O began to await his return would be an understatement. She turned into pure vigil, darkness in waiting expectation of light.” —Pauline Réage Continue reading Day 6: 3 Things to Be Proud Of.