Day 14: What’s My Day Really Like?

So as a teacher, my day is not exactly normal…And as I’m not in my own place yet, it’s really not normal!

My normal day (or normal for right now) begins somewhere between 6 am and 7 am. I wait until my friend and her kids are close to being on their way out the door for daycare/school/work before I even get out of bed because it’s a wee bit cold, and I really just want to hop in the shower so I’m not freezing or in their way. So I wait my turn. I probably don’t have to, but I never really feel fully rested anyway, so every little bit of shut eye I can get helps. 


My work day goes from about 7:30 to 4:30. I’m officially done at 3:30, but I never get out of there on time. Sometimes I’m there until 5 or later, but since I don’t have a key to the building, I sometimes have to leave because otherwise I’d be locked in…

When I get home, I’m usually exhausted, and the house is cold, so I curl up in the covers on the couch and take a little nap, or I eat something probably not good for me. I always have big plans to do the dishes, and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. More often not than do lately…

Somewhere in there, I write a blog post or two, and I grade papers (again more often not than do…which is a problem).

grade papers

But mostly, I feel like I just take up space and watch TV with my friend and her kids until everyone else goes to sleep at midnight or so. I’ve become fairly sedentary, and it is beginning to take a toll on me.

I did twist my ankle something fierce maybe 5 weeks ago, so I’ve been struggling to just function. Some days it is so swollen that it physically hurts just to stand, but, having gone to the doctor yesterday, I know that it’s definitely not broken. Whatever the reason, I’ve been using my ankle as a reason not to move around like I need to.

2015-03-03 15.55.53

Of course, if I’m honest, I’m dealing with the sadness of being totally alone again. Living as far out of the city as I do, I don’t interact with that many people, and as I’ve been totally destitute for a little while now, I haven’t been able to afford to do much that would put me out there to meet new people. I haven’t been interacting with the people who have been my friends since I moved to Houston  because I can’t go into town to be with them, and I don’t expect them to come all the way out to see me.

I went through something similar when I moved out of town when I took my first teaching job. I figure that’s why I went through a four year drought. No one wanted to drive the 15 miles out of town to see me… Now I’m much more than 15 miles out of the city.


I just assumed the same thing would happen this time.

Plus I’ve needed to focus on my new job. The result has been that I’ve been kind of curling back up into myself and not really living my life.

It didn’t use to be this way. Let’s look back, at before I was in this situation. We have to go back before October of last year. Probably need to go back even further than that. To get a true account, we need to go back even before the Boy. That’s a long way back…

Before I was in this particular situation, my life was getting up at 5:30 to jog/walk the dog around my neighborhood, shower and dress. Grab some toast or oatmeal in a cup to eat on my commute.

I’d leave the apartment by 7 to get to the school by 7:30. My work day went from 7:30 until 4ish. The more I disliked my job, the later I was. I’ve been arriving at work later now, but not because I dislike the job… just haven’t gotten my routine down like I used to…

My home commute would take an hour or so, unless I’d stop at Plonk! for a glass of wine, which happened much more often when I first moved to Houston than it did by the time I left Houston. Although I do very much so miss it.

walkdogWhen I got home, first and foremost would be to take the dog out. Sometimes, he’d have to wait for me to go to the restroom first. As a teacher, I sometimes don’t go until I get home… no matter how long that takes. Not healthy, I know, and it means that I don’t sleep all the night through as my bladder uses that time to empty itself.

So the dog and I would go for our second long walk of the day, and then I would feed him so he could eat while I took a cleansing, relaxing bath.

Then dinner, sometimes cooked, sometimes takeout. I loved the Chinese restaurant down the road from my apartment. They would make these jalapeno chicken wings, where I’m pretty sure they fried the chicken wings with jalapeno slices, or they’d put the jalapenos and onions in right after frying so the flavor would almost melt into the light breading, making it spicy, but not that acidic spicy of the Tobasco or Sriracha based sauce that most places use on their hot wings. Plus they were huge! I’d only be able to eat 5 of the 8, and then I wouldn’t be able to eat anything else. I’d eat the breading off the other 3 and give them to my dog, Pepper, to eat.

sims1Then the rest of the day would be playing Sims or talking to people online or watching a movie on Netflix. Sometimes I’d go out with the book club girls or my geek guys and hang out. Wednesdays used to be trivia night.

I used to have a life….

Then, I’d lay out a few options for the next day’s outfit and be in bed by 11ish. Sometimes I’d stay on my laptop to talk to people while in bed, but I tried to be in bed no later than 11.

And of course, there were always other mini walks with the dog to just go do his business. The one before bed would be another one around the block, but at a leisurely pace.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine…once I find a place of my own again. I’ve been looking at finding an apartment complex that is big enough to have some walking trails or paths so that once I bring the dog back home with me we can really enjoy nature. And one with a workout facility, or near a gym. This sedentary life isn’t treating me well…

I can’t wait until I have a real life again!


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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