July Writing Challenge Day 1: Things that Make Me Smile

I like starting off with a challenge, and this was definitely challenging for me. The past year, there haven’t been that many things that made me smile… and some of the ones that did, were tainted by negative endings. So bear with me, please, while I struggle through this one. In fact, I struggled so much, that between trying to get this done and work, it’s officially Day 2 before this will post.

First day of a challenge, and I’m already late… tsk tsk.

saying-shame-on-you-with-fingersHere are 10 things that make me smile, in the order they come to me, and not in any particular order of importance:

Children’s laughter

It may be a cliche, but the sound of a small child laughing is very joyful. The type of joyful that spreads it’s mirth like a virus. You can’t help but smile. The last time I did one of these Blog challenges, I posted my favorite songs and there’s one that includes a baby’s laugh. It’s the one I like to listen to while walking. Instead of sharing that again, here’s a video of nothing but little kids laughing. I dare you to try not to smile while watching!

My dog

I had to leave my Pepper at my parents’ place while I was staying with a friend to be close to work. I hadn’t realized how much I missed his furry little butt! Coming home for the summer and seeing my dog has brought a lot of smiles, but he’s been relatively mellow. It’s not like when he’s the only dog and he needs to just run around to let the energy out.

Sometimes, like when he feels like he’s been cooped up all day, he does this thing where he curls his tail down into a loop, almost like a teacup handle (I presume it’s to make himself more aerodynamic), and then he runs in crazy circles all around the house. Occasionally he’ll choose some tiny piece of a toy that he’s chewed and he tries to pick it up while he’s running. It’s adorable!

Synchronistic events

It always makes me smile when things seem to fall into place in such a way as to seem a little more than coincidence. It makes me feel like I’m on the right path, like a nod from the universe that the choices I’ve made have been correct.


Touch from a loved one

There are certain touches that just make me smile a big ol’ Cheshire cat smile. A hug from a friend, especially a male friend who’s taller than me and smells really nice, makes me happy. Or a pat on the back from one of my parents when they walk by me while I’m sitting in their living room makes me smile. When my roommate’s kid comes by and tells me he “wuvs” me makes me grin pretty big, especially when he adds a hug or a kiss.

Cute dog pics/videos

I know the stereotype is to like the cat pics, but cats don’t have half the personality of dogs, and dog videos are too cute. Then again, I might just be biased because I’m a dog owner…

A Chai frappuccino

chai-frappuccinoBut not just any Chai frappuccino… That little cafe that AJ took me to on that special Valentine’s Day, oh so many years ago, made a frozen vanilla chai drink that I loved. It’s taken me over 10 years to figure out the right combination of stuff at Starbucks to get it to taste right. It’s a Venti Chai frappuccino made with soy milk, add vanilla bean. It has to be Venti to get the proportions right, has to be soy to get the texture right, and has to be vanilla bean (not vanilla syrup) to get the taste right.

But it is delicious!

Even though it’s almost $10 for a single drink.

Random Compliments

While I’ve never taken compliments well, I do really enjoy getting them. Many of the guys I’ve dated have been really bad at giving compliments. It’s probably a side effect of dating guys who are either nerdy or extreme alpha males. The first group is socially awkward, and the second usually has too much ego to notice anyone else. I’m hyper-aware of all my faults, and I do mean ALL of them, so it is important for me to hear good things about myself upon occasion.

Basically, it goes back to my “Impostor syndrome.” I am so aware of my faults (partly because of the horrible things that have been said to me) that when things are good, I start to doubt myself. I begin to think that the other person hasn’t noticed all of my faults, and then if/when things start to go downhill, I become convinced it’s because they finally noticed my faults. Then, if (like the first go round with the Boy) they tell me there’s nothing wrong, I need compliments to prove that they’re not just humoring me or stringing me along.

It’s a weakness, I know. I’m aware of it and have discussed it before. But receiving random compliments, be it from my lover or a complete stranger, will bring a smile to my face, even if I don’t show it right away.


This song

I know I’ve talked about this song before, and I’ve talked about the artist a lot! Her name is Yuna, and she’s from Malaysia. I know absolutely nothing about Malaysia, but just from listening to her and seeing the scenery from some of her videos, I totally want to go there!

This song in particular can make me smile within just a few notes. It’s empowering! And joyful!

My friends.

I have a handful of friends that always make me smile and laugh, no matter how bad things get. I’m not going to put their names out there, but they know who they are. Or rather, YOU know who YOU are… Many of those friends who know exactly what to say to make me smile are also the ones who read my blog regularly.

One in particular (who doesn’t read that often) is so sweet and goofy that she sometimes doesn’t mean to make me smile, but she still manages it. You know the type: the girl who’s awkward in that adorable way that makes everyone love her.

A breeze during a full moon.

The rest of these are either cute or really sentimental. But I need to talk a little about something that I don’t spend enough time actually enjoying: nature. I don’t pretend to be a good Christian… and once upon a time, I was fairly into Wicca. Actually I’ve studied a bunch of different religions throughout my relatively short life. It’s given me a neat perspective. I don’t know if there is one religion that I would say is without a doubt the absolute correct one.

I walk my own path.

But from a young age, the moon has always intrigued me. When I was a teenager, after any of the many fights with my mother (normal teenage angsty fights probably), I’d usually spend a little extra time outside while feeding the dogs to cry out my anger and sadness while asking the moon (and the Mother) to shine Her love on me. If a breeze happened, I’d accept that as proof She heard me.

Now, I’m a bit more realistic (contrary to the belief of some), but there is still a little something magical about a breeze that feels a bit like an airy hug while staring at a big ol’ full moon.

Witchy Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

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First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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