Whirlwind Days

It’s been nearly a week since my last post, and I’ve started, oh… maybe five other posts that I haven’t finished, or didn’t feel like they were quite right and so I abandoned them. I started those others periodically throughout the last couple of weeks, but, as I said, for one reason or another they didn’t get finished. I had plans to work on them last week…

But life happened.


See, I knew I wanted to come back to Houston (been chilling at my parents’ house near Austin for the last couple of months or so), but I didn’t know what I was going to do to get there. I put the intention out to the universe and allowed myself to be guided by what happened next.

Some would say I left it up to chance. I don’t know if I believe 100% in chance. I believe very strongly in the idea that we are all interconnected and that sometimes things that appear to be chance are really people who are in tune with the energy and vibrations of the universe acting on an instinctual level to create necessary circumstances or changes.

I tried unsuccessfully to explain it to the Boy.

No, that’s not accurate. I successfully explained it to him, but I could not get him to acknowledge any validity in the idea. It doesn’t mesh with his brand of logic. I didn’t have enough evidence to make him see things my way.


Which, he says is fine; we don’t have to always agree on things. This is a hard lesson for me. I’m used to people not agreeing with me, but it’s actually pretty difficult for me to accept because sometimes I just know without a shadow of a doubt that I am right, and so it irks me when I can’t prove that I’m right. Like when I present a logical argument, complete with evidence, and the other person demands that my memory of an event is faulty, or that my logic isn’t sound, or (as has happened in recent history on this blog) the other person absolutely ignores my point completely, refusing to acknowledge what I’ve said because it contradicts their point or they don’t see my feelings on the matter as valid.

It makes me want to scream!!!


But I digress…

Let me walk away from that rabbit hole before this becomes an angry rant for no reason. I’m really here to give you all an update of my life to explain my absence.

And to celebrate a little, which I’ll explain shortly.

So, about a week ago, several things started to happen to make my intentions become reality. I’d been speaking to a friend of mine and had plans to visit Houston this very weekend, but needed a place to stay. I hadn’t really thought past that point, much to the chagrin of the Boy or the Ginger (he’s new, we’ll get to him in a moment).

Both gentlemen kept asking when I’d be back in town so we could plan stuff, and I kept saying that I didn’t know.

For the Boy, that’s enough of an explanation because he (I think) is starting to realize exactly how my brain works. I’m learning a bit about that as well, though I am afraid to discuss it yet until I’ve done a bit more research about what I think might be the truth of the matter.

The Ginger, on the other hand, would continue to ask because I had agreed to go to dinner with him at the last group event we had attended together, but then just left to go to my parents’ place.


I needed an emotional/spiritual reset, but how do you explain that to someone you barely know?

The Ginger seems nice enough. Admittedly, he originally set off my gaydar, so any initial flirting that happened was because I pegged him as safe for such things.

And maybe, at some point, I took the flirting farther than I’d intended… for a variety of reasons. But he seems nice enough and so I did agree to go to dinner.

He’s kind of talking me out of it a little, though. Little things here and there are just a little off-putting. Like cutesy nicknames that I wouldn’t accept even if we were in a serious relationship. We’re talking on the verge of “Pooky” and “Snookums” kind of nicknames… I may actually have hurt his feelings by telling him I didn’t actually like nicknames, but I sort of determine how I interact with a person based on what they call me, and I’m not ever going to be someone who acts like a “Snookums” or a “Sugar.”


That could be a whole other post, too…

So, I’ve had these two gentlemen asking when I’d be back in town, and I’d kept saying this weekend, but I didn’t know if that was to stay, or just to visit, or what the plan was beyond I was going to do a painting on Friday night.

So, I asked a friend if I could stay with her this weekend. She agreed, and then we talked a little bit about us actually doing the roommate thing. Because of that conversation, I began my application to a school district I hadn’t thought about applying to before because of how far north it is.

Also, I renewed my teaching certificate late, so there was that issue. I wasn’t sure if it would be renewed, and so didn’t finish the application. After all, there were student loan issues and late fees to contend with.

But it was renewed. I got confirmation last Sunday, a week ago today. So on Monday, I completed the application, applying at the 2 schools that were listed as needing an English teacher, and also for a position I didn’t think I was qualified for, but was willing to give it a shot to see. I mean, after all, the worst that could happen would be for them to say no…

Monday and Tuesday, I worked at my summer job… not much given my ankle, still in a boot, though now I have a brace that actually moves with me, and so I can almost walk normally… until I take it off. I got the new brace on Wednesday at my appointment with the orthopedist.

And when I got home from the orthopedist is when the whirlwind began!


By noon on Wednesday, I received an email telling me I needed to be at an interview Thursday sometime between 3 and 6. In Houston.

This is great news!

But… my father had taken a part out of my car. My car which hadn’t been driven in 6 weeks or more because I had lost my keys. My car which has been making strange sounds for 6 months or more, but I couldn’t afford to take it in. My car which my father wanted me to trade with him…

The new parts (to replace the one my father stole) came in by 3 pm. And then my brothers went to work. They got the parts put in or changed, or what not, but the battery was dead. And, once we got it jump-started, it was still making the strange noise (supposedly why my father wanted to change out the parts). We didn’t figure out that the strange noise was another part that I’d have to get once I got my first paycheck (because we were all sure I’d get the job), and then the older of my two brothers volunteered to put it in for me when I come home for my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s baby shower.

Oh yeah… in the middle of all the stuff, I’m also about to be an aunt for the first time. I’m pretty excited about that, to be honest. But, again, that needs to be a whole other post!


So. We got the car running. Well, my brothers got the car running. Finally had everything taken care of by about 10 pm. And I still had to get tires and be in Houston by 3ish.

I hadn’t packed anything yet. All of my clothes were dirty. Since I’d lost my keys, I hadn’t cleaned out the car, and I’d left a McDonald’s bag in there from the drive to my parents’ place. I hadn’t found a cute pair of shoes to wear with the new brace… And I’d have to leave no later than 10 to get there on time.

I finally got everything done and was on my way at 12:30. Way to make an impression!

But, I made it to the interview, complete with copies of my resume and my teaching certificate (a stop at Office Depot when I was only 5 miles from the interview location). Interview went well. Had to do a follow up the next day (Friday), at 7 AM, which was changed to 2:30 PM, which was pushed to 4ish, and lasted until 5:30ish.

Received the final confirmation that I was officially part of the team yesterday (Saturday) morning… well, officially, as long as HR does their part. We’re expecting that Tuesday I’ll be ready to sign paperwork and make it truly official.


In the meantime, I went to the painting thing Friday night with my probably-temporary-but-could-become-permanent roommate. She’s an artist, so it was simple for her, and hers looks really really amazing. I really enjoy painting, so I do pretty good. This isn’t one I would have chosen, but I was relatively happy with the final product:

2015-08-14 20.59.31

More importantly, I had fun, and it was a good introduction back into my “real” life.

Then yesterday, while I was waiting to hear what the next step for my job would be, I had brunch with some friends, and then the Boy took me to dinner. It was partly to celebrate my new job and partly so I could give him his birthday present. He asked me once if I considered myself good at giving presents, and I think I am. There are lots of little factors that go into the decision of gift, and he and I have an ongoing joke about his job. Sometimes he’s a spy, hence the cufflinks I gave him for Christmas early on when we were dating…which is decidedly not what we’re doing now…even though sometimes it feels like it is what we’re doing.

We’re complicated.

Both of us.

But I think I did alright with this gift. He seemed to like it. In fact he said he really liked it. So I think I chose well:

2015-07-15 19.27.22

So, in a week, I’ve fixed my car, gotten new tires, moved, gotten a job, went to a painting class, went on a friend-date with the Boy, had brunch with friends, and am currently dog sitting while in my jammies while I wait for the next step to occur. Most of which has happened in the last 3 or 4 days.

It’s been a whirlwind for sure.

But the point, the one I tried to explain to the Boy, was that I expected it to be this crazy because once the universe starts lining things up for you, changes happen quickly. Very quickly!

And some day soon, I’ll try to explain the spiritual side of all this. The short version is this: My problem with standard organized religion is that whole God playing dice with the universe thing. In traditional religion, when you pray, it’s about 50/50 whether or not you get your wish because God’s a very busy entity, and there are all these criteria you have to meet in order to get Him to listen to you. But in some of the religions that are more New Agey (odd since they are usually based on ancient faiths), your prayers or spellwork are actually putting energy into your wish, and thus a little more proactive.

Basically, I think God doesn’t play dice with the universe, but if you put the effort into making a decision and being willing to act to help yourself, I think God will set up the dominoes to get you where you want to go.


*I chose the cover photo very specifically. It’s from National Geographic, and titled “Strike Through the Mothership”. Sometimes from a scary whirlwind can come a divine spark, and that is what this picture makes me feel.

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

7 thoughts on “Whirlwind Days

  1. congrats on the job. I hate the view from of God as Santa Claus, which is something I’ve never fully believed, in fact I’m reminded of the joke of a man who constantly prayed to win the lottery and then asked God why he hadn’t won to which God replied, “because you haven’t bought any lottery tickets” that’s actually why I have one of the tattoos that I do, Ka from the Dark Tower series, it is a constant reminder to me that while I may have a destiny I can’t fulfill it if I don’t put in the legwork. While you and I may have differing ideas on higher powers we do have similar thoughts as to how they work. Also your gift to The Boy was awesome and I am just a little bit jealous of it.

    1. I agree about the legwork part for sure. I’m going to have to reread the Dark Tower series because I know I know who you’re talking about, but I read it all so fast… and haven’t actually finished… so the characters all have blurred until I can’t recognize them. I loved it when I read it, even though I was only reading it for a guy initially.

      And I’m glad you approve of the gift! I do always worry about not getting the right thing, but I’m pretty satisfied with it, and thanks to my work discount from my summer job, I got it at a very reasonable price! I would have paid full price because I do think it’s the perfect gift for this evolution of our relationship, but the discount certainly was nice.

      1. Ka is the over riding philosophy of the main character and in the context of the series has two meanings which are duty and destiny and to means you can’t fulfill your destiny without doing your duty to do so

  2. YAY! Whirlwinds are fantastic to shake life up–It seems like we both went through that in May over here at Live ClareLesley! I LOVE your “dice with the universe” thought. Its SO TRUE. Thanks for sharing this!!
    We’re having a blog party this weekend and would LOVE for you to stop by and share your blog with our readers! (And if you want to “bring” any of your friends or readers, we’d LOVE to see them, too! The more the merrier!) The link won’t be live until Friday–but here’s your “invite” to the party:

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