I want a man with Colin Farrell eyes.

I was channel surfing when I happened upon a movie I hadn’t seen (I hadn’t had any interest in it), and what caught my attention was that it had Colin Farrell. He is a little hard to resist… You can’t blame a girl for stopping specifically for him. I mean, have you seen the guy?

There’s gotta be something said about a guy who even manages to make the 70’s porn ‘stache work.

What really caught my eye was the way he looked at his love interest in the movie. There’s a way he looks at a woman that just makes me melt.


It’s a look that says “You are the center of my universe and I need you with every fiber of my being or I will cease to exist…”

It’s the tiniest bit vulnerable, but oh so intense. There’s a question in that look, almost as if he’s seeking permission.

It’s a longing that I have only seen men attempt to mimic, but that has never been real, never truly meant for me.

I, who have been called exotic, a muse, a nymph, beautiful, and stunning, I have never experienced that look of all encompassing desire from a man.

Superman tried, but it was false, hollow, devoid of meaning. He was mimicking something he’d seen on television, and it didn’t reach his soul. In fact, it made him look rather sad and lonely. Instead of a look of longing and desire, he ends up with a puppy dog look. It feminizes his facial features, taking his very alpha machismo and gives it a decidedly beta submissive quality.


If he hadn’t been a liar, I might very well have eventually gotten rid of him for that look alone. It was not seductive, nor particularly sexy, it felt so empty to me that I almost laughed at him on a couple of occasions.

The eyebrows are raised, and he tilts his head in a very feminine manner, exposing his neck in a very submissive way. He would occasionally bite his lip. It’s a very textbook, romance kind of look… but for a woman, not a man.

Meanwhile, the Artist had that hungry look, but it wasn’t desire, only lust. When he looked at me, it was easy to see what he wanted, and it had nothing to do with actually wanting me as a person.  He would give me that hungry look, almost drooling, and that’s not romantic desire; that’s the animal desire of pure sexual want. Which has it’s place, but wasn’t what he said he wanted.


He kept saying that what we were doing felt “like something real” but then he would treat me with absolute disrespect by not following through. On anything.

It goes back to that falseness that some men apply to get what they want. Had he been up front about what he wanted, and been willing to negotiate terms, we would have been fine. Instead he would look at me with an intensity of purpose behind his eyes that it was almost a command, and his mouth parted just enough to invite kissing. Then in the midst of some passionate embrace, he would tell me that this was real, that this was what he’d been looking for… And then flake on me less than 24 hours later and berate me for not standing up for myself when he mistreated me.

The beauty of the Colin Farrell look is that it combines the best part of both looks.

It is questioning like the puppy dog look, and inviting like the hungry look, but it’s not submissive, nor commanding. It is a look between equals. A man looking at a woman he is not subjugated to nor wishes to subjugate, and asking with his eyes if she feels what he feels. The eyebrows are raised, the eyes widened, but the head is not tilted in a questioning/submissive manner.

The lips are parted, inviting a kiss, or he might bite his lip, but then he seems to follow it up with an actual kiss. Both of which ooze confidence, unlike the bite and stare approach.


It’s the juxtaposition of confidence and questioning that makes it so enticing. On the one hand, there’s this inherent alpha male quality about it that makes a woman feel safe. This is a man who will take care of her and love and cherish her. And yet, the questioning part, the pleading with the eyes, let’s her know that he cares about her wants, needs, and opinions. This is a man who will think about her while making decisions. He has accepted her as his equal, and will work to make a future for them both.

I want a man who looks at me like that. I want to be seen not just as an object to be played with or acquired, nor as a boss whose orders are to be followed, but as an equal, a partner. I want to know that when I look at my partner that he is putting forth as much effort as I am. I want to believe that he sees me, the real me, and likes me for my uniqueness. I want to feel safe and know that he feels safe with me.

Where do I find a man who will look at me like that? Where do I find a man with Colin Farrell eyes reserved for just me?



About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

10 thoughts on “I want a man with Colin Farrell eyes.

  1. You want a man like Farrell? He has two bastard children. He does not commit to relationships. He is notoriously unable to stay even or steady. He has horrible habits. Most of all his eye gaze is an intentional manipulation to swoon. He is not dedicated, sincere or honorable.

    1. I said I wanted a man with a gaze like that. Particularly in how he uses it when he is in character. It’s one of the things he does as an actor that makes his characters loveable and sexy.

      Read the post again. I’m very specific about why I like that look, and it says nothing about wanting someone like him, just that look. More importantly what that look SHOULD mean, based on how he uses it in films.

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