the power struggle

Why I write what I write.

Guest post: MJ Lewis (erotica/horror author)

This is the first of several guest posts from erotica/romance authors this month. When I asked people to post, I asked them to help me figure out what makes romance/erotica so powerful. Why did they write it? What makes it good? MJ was the first to respond, and I particularly like how he judges whether or not he’s written something good…

As MJ writes erotica (and horror) this will be a post that might be a little more risque than my normal (hence the parental advisory warning), but well worth the read. After you finish reading why he writes what he does, actually go check out what he writes over at and follow him on Twitter:  @lewismj78

the power struggle

I have no idea why other people write what they do. That would be impossible. But I do know why I do, and when asked to write this, I knew almost from the start what I was going to put down. Take a little trip into my head, and see why I do what I do. You might even do it for the same reasons.

I have always been very sexually active and open to everything that can be done in the bedroom, the garden, beach or even on a mountainside. I have always had a love of porn, and never hid that away from any of my friends or girlfriends (or even their parents). Yes, being a man I bet you have the perfect stereotype in your head now. I don’t fit that at all.

I adore the human body, in all shapes and forms. Male, female, skinny, ripped, chubby, fat. You send me a picture, and I will and can have a real good wank and fantasy over you. It’s the form, the curves, the lines that I see, the beauty of something so complex, so soft and so ultimately perfect, no matter the shape.

That’s why I started to write. I always had some skill there, to tell a yarn, but never really knew what direction to move in. Erotica was a way I could channel my thoughts, have a good time, explore different kinks and create something that other people could enjoy. I write what turns me on, from both male and female perspectives. If it turns me on, then surely it must turn other people on as well. I use my dick as a barometer. Maybe sometimes I get it wrong, but we can only learn from those mistakes. Sometimes I struggle with actually writing a story. I’m working on that at the moment. I want to move from one handed reading. But there’s always a time and place for that.

I try to be different in my writing, trying to travel along less travelled paths, or look at things from a different perspective. I have a few things in the works right now that fit these criteria. Sure, they most likely have been done before, but have they been done my way? I hope not, but that’s a different conversation there.

So that’s the answer right there. I write because I want to. I write what I want to. Some people love me, some people hate me. Some people criticize me because my characters are fucking by the second paragraph. Some people email me asking for more “short” stories. Some have even asked me to write them into a short story. But the main thing is, and the reason why over the last year I have been quiet, is that I want to write the best thing for all of us. There’s a lot still to come. One day I may even make some money from all this. Until then, the fun, the sexiness, the comments people give me, will push me further forwards.

(If you visit my blog, where I post my short stories, please also be very aware that I write extreme bloody horror as well. I would hate for you to read the wrong thing in the wrong mind. You will see however that I have a very convoluted mind, and am completely odd.)

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First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

13 thoughts on “Why I write what I write.

  1. Neat to read about MJ’s perspective on why he writes erotica, and I like how he described his background. I wonder if a commonality in erotica & romance authors is that we have rich fantasies (as do other people, surely), but the difference is that we create stories of those fantasies. And it’s fun to see where they go.

      1. Thanks for the invite! What days do you have open? I could put something together this month.

      2. This is the first time I’ve done guest bloggers, so I’ve been… not particularly organized. So the sooner the better, but I don’t have a schedule, like I should.

      3. I just sent you an invite so you can format it the way you like. Unfortunately I didn’t know that was an option when I had MJ write for me. See? I’m learning!

      4. I accepted the invite, but I must say it feels unusual to me to be a guest contributor on someone else’s blog. I’ll write the post and let you know when it’s finished. Then after that, if you could delete me as a contributor, I would appreciate it.

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