The Weather Report (Original Poem)

I asked the Bartender to record himself reading the weather report. I didn’t tell him why, only that I had a bet with a friend. Thus I was inspired to write this. Forgive me for stepping away from our Romance Novel research, but there is some romance involved, so…

The Weather Report.
That’s how it started

Your voice sings to me
with the simple sounds
lyrical and sweet:

“Alright, this is the weather report…”

It was an odd thing of me to ask of you
And you,
sweet soul that you are
You honored it.

Without question.
You didn’t ask.
You didn’t hesitate.

It was then that I realized that I could love you.

Better yet, it was then that I thought
you could love me, too.

The simple sounds of your words caress my soul
showering me with a sensation
I have never felt.

This feeling that
Yes, there are people who care.

Care enough to do something silly
for those they care about.

I have no doubt
In that moment,
While you told me that
“It is mostly sunny…”
you were reading words from your iPhone screen.

But they meant so much more
to me.

You make my world
mostly sunny.

You bring a light
into my life
where the darkness used to hold me

“It will continue like this through Sunday…”

You have told me you
want us to continue,
that we will go on
so long as I wish.

I wish to continue.

Your smile brings with it
an unending sunshine,
a durable drought
where my tears do not fall.

“Monday, we have scattered rains…”

Yes, a smattering of sadness
may occur
from time to time.

I fully expect that I,
who do not understand
my own feelings,
especially not in this instant,
from time to time,
feel something other than this
ineffable joy
that your voice brings to my ears.

“Tuesday, Wednesday, possible storms…”

But we can work past it.
The darkness will pass.

“And Thursday, Friday, brings down some rain…”

With your arms around me
I can weather anything.
Just hold me tightly,
Kiss me sweetly,
Call me “Angel,”
and we will make it through.

“And that’s it…”

Something so simple
a week long forecast.

I asked.

But what I heard is
I love you.


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

13 thoughts on “The Weather Report (Original Poem)

  1. This poem is Pure Romance! I love the way that you alternate between The Bartender reading the weather report and your delicious interpretations. I’ll look forward to more posts about Mr. Bartender…

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