IGGPPC: Play With Pixels


Last month I introduced you to the “Inside the Theme” idea from the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. Admittedly, I was a whole month late, but it fit with our romance theme, and I don’t think they did an Inside thing for last month, since they were celebrating their third birthday. That was fun!

This month, the theme is Play with Pixels, which hearkens back to the early days of video games. As such, this month’s questions are primarily about video games, and while I didn’t think I’d be able to answer them, surprisingly I could! So grab your controller, or, if you’re really old school (or perverted), grab your joystick, and let’s get on with it!


If any of you would like to answer the questions, I’ll leave them here to be copied:

  1. Who is your favorite female video game character, and what makes her especially awesome?
  2. MMORPG, sandbox, platformer, strategy, or story mode – What is your favorite game genre or type of game?
  3. What was the first video game and/or console you ever owned? (And would it hold up today?)
  4. When did your family first get their own personal computer, what kind was it, and what do you remember using it for?
  5. Show us your three favorite pictures shared on Instagram.


Who is your favorite female video game character, and what makes her awesome?

Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect. She’s an archaeologist, and brilliant, but also has super cool abilities and later becomes the supreme keeper of secrets as the Shadow Broker. She’s a very sensitive character who can be a badass if necessary. I identify with her because she likes her solitude because she’s socially awkward, but yet she’s a very sensual character.

Not to get ahead of myself, but it’s hard for me to pick a female character who isn’t the protagonist because I often play games like Mass Effect where I can make the Protagonist female and then have them interact, even become romantic, with other characters.

With Liara, she will be romantic with the protagonist Shephard whether Shephard is male or female, and some of your choices that open up with her as your lover are really amazing and intense. Since it’s always the story that gets me into a game, this is a nice bonus.

Plus her story alone is really cool! You can check it out (if you don’t mind spoilers) at the Mass Effect Wiki.


What is your favorite game genre or type of game?

I enjoy the Sandbox style games, so long as there is a story, and obviously I like the Story Mode games. I’ve played Skyrim and Fable, love both of those, but, unlike my brothers, when I play, I go to complete the story. I’ll do sidequests if they help build the story, or the backstory I’ve created for my character, a hold over from my days in theater… if saving the orphan girl helps to explain my motivation for not killing a character later, then I’ll do that quest, but if I’m on a mission and I don’t have time for a sidequest, the orphan girl is on her own!

Even when I play the Sims, I create stories for them. I actually sometimes create Sims of the guys I date or have crushes on and then see how well my character interacts with them, like a virtual fortune telling machine or something. Though I usually have to accept that the character I created was based off of the fantasy whichever guy presented me with. Like I have a Sim of the Bartender and his Sim and my Sim had just had a little girl before we had our whole scare and he went running screaming into the underbrush and I got to see the truth of him.

It was a good fantasy, while it lasted, and now I have a Sim of him that I can torture like a virtual voodoo doll. It’s cathartic, and no one gets hurt. It used to be a joke that I’d tell my students I’d make Sims of them and then the bad students would live horrible little pixelated lives.

It’s not true, I really am a benevolent goddess to my little pixelated people. But they all have a story. Like the Sfun twins, Gloria and Mysteria. One dreams of being a mother and having a large family, while the other one wants to basically be the Godfather, but she’ll provide for and protect the family at all costs, especially her sister! The goal for me is to make them both achieve their dream without anyone actually getting hurt… unless they mess with the family. Then they gotta go sleep with the fishes.


What was the first video game and/or console you ever owned? (And would it hold up today?)

I had the original NES. I even had the activity pad thing and some jazz aerobic dance thing that went with it. I don’t think I enjoyed it very much. The NES never worked very well, anyway. You always had to blow on the games to make them work (still don’t know why that works, it’s been scientifically proven that blowing on them does nothing, yet we all did/do it, and it worked).


When did your family first get their own personal computer, what kind was it, and what do you remember using it for?

My grandmother owned her own business and always needed the newest computer to keep up to date for work (and because I think she just always loved having the newest everything), so we’d get her hand me downs. I can’t remember not having a computer. I know they bought me games for it, and my grandfather loved playing solitaire (and later in life, sudoku) on them. He even had some of the old word based RPG games that were on the 5 1/4 floppy disks… Back when floppy disks were actually floppy.

I remember using it for a particular logic game where you had to stack monkeys in order to get the apples from the tree tops. A bigger monkey could never go on a smaller monkey. And there was always an odd number of trees so you could move them around. The goal was to move them in the shortest amount of moves.

Because of that game, my mother adopted the phrase, “It’s like stacking monkeys,” to mean use your common sense. Sometimes I still use it because it makes sense to me, but it’s a very old and very inside joke.

Oh, and also Oregon Trail, which is kind of the first sandbox game… sort of. You’re options were limited, but you still had to make the decisions and explore to go hunt for food and stuff. But it almost never ended well.


Show us your three favorite pictures shared on Instagram.

I’m new to Instagram, so there’s not much to choose from. But I’ll give it a go…

What it looks like when I’m in the Writing Zone!
Me at work, as a teacher… on conference period.
Finally remembered to post for #SnailMailSaturday.

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