Taking your own advice.

Sometimes I say things that are more profound than I realize. Like yesterday, I suggested that people look at what makes them truly happy this weekend. For me personally, I thought I was talking about in relationships (since that’s what we normally talk about) but I found myself thinking about other things. 


The down side is that I’m still slightly holding out hope for the Tinderfella. He was supposed to call today so we could chit chat… which is probably code for play. I’ve never enjoyed that sort of game, where we try to turn each other on just over the phone, but for some reason it works for the guys I date when they’re out of town. The Boy never asked for that… not with sound. But we would send naughty emails a time or three.

More like dozens of times.

But the Tinderfella didn’t call. I think I should probably give up hope on that one. He just had such potential…

Either way, what I found myself thinking about this weekend wasn’t my relationships at all.

I was thinking about my job.


Anyone who knows me, really knows me, knows I love teaching. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was in the third grade.

And anyone who has known me for more than 8 years, knows that before I was a teacher, I very briefly did marketing while I took some master’s classes. I didn’t finish the program, and I didn’t enjoy doing marketing, so I don’t really talk about it.

But, wait. I did enjoy the marketing thing. I enjoyed coming up with ideas, and then watching them take shape. Lyndon made me a project manager because it was a small business and he couldn’t give me enough marketing projects to keep me busy doing copy for the website or helping with the mailouts. So he gave me another job to keep me.

He just wasn’t paying me enough and I was too stupid to realize it.


Now I’m at a crossroads. My time off for medical leave gave me plenty of time to work on my own projects. I got a good ways into my novel, my poetry has been coming insanely fast (good since I’m doing a 100 days of poetry project). I’ve been writing up a storm on here.

But what good does it do if no one sees it?

And that’s where things get… complicated.

I fell back on my marketing training. I’ve been doing social media marketing without really realizing that I was following any sort of formula. And you know what? I’m good at it!

I have added over 1,700 Twitter followers in the last 90 days. At the end of January, I had less than 500 followers. I now have over 2000. Maybe that’s not a  lot by corporation standards, but for a girl who has a blog that doesn’t fall under a particular category, with no products to sell, it’s pretty good. My numbers are multiplying like rabbits!


I’m not selling anything. I’m not running for anything. I’m not trying to win a contest. I’m just trying to build a following so that when I finish my novel, I have plenty of people who might just be interested in it because they’re interested in me, and my story.

What’s better, I am having a blast!

So, how do I make this my real job?! That’s the dilemma I’ve backed myself into. I’d love to continue just doing SMM are a real job, but I don’t have the experience or the title. So how do I make it happen?

Or am I just excited and need to slow down…

I don’t know.

Wish me luck, and stay dry. It’s started raining again in Houston. I’ll write 2 poems tomorrow to make up for today, I suppose.



About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

6 thoughts on “Taking your own advice.

      1. I am impressed! Thank you for your dedication. There is a big part of me that wants to continue teaching. I’ve wanted to teach for so long, but it is stressful, and, yes, the micromanagement is killing me.

        Actually, my school isn’t so bad about the micromanaging, but the district makes up for it, and there’s something lacking in the communication which adds to my stress. If I can figure out how to manage the stress from that, I’d be fine. Any suggestions?

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