Tonight on #JustAddTea: Superstitions and Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, so in honor of that inauspicious day, we’re going to talk about Superstitions and luck. On the luck scale, I’m feeling about somewhere directly in the middle. I usually feel this way because I think my bad and good always balance out. I consider myself truly neutral. I’d be a grey Jedi or an Anti-Sith, or something… if such a thing existed. 


Of course, that kind of ties back to my views on where the newest Star Wars trilogy should go, though I’m fairly certain that the people at Disney are more worried about making money than making a morality play to teach people the truth of human nature.

But let us not jump down the Star Wars rabbit hole. We shall never come back if we follow that particular rabbit, and I’m running late today.

I’ve been running ragged all week a little bit. I’ve missed several of the Twitter chats that I like to participate in, and I’m ridiculously not prepared for the one tonight. I’ve got a little while, so it will be ready… it’s just not yet.

And I think it goes back to the question of my luck.

feel lucky.gif

Am I feeling lucky? Not entirely. I’ve suddenly had a surge on Tinder, though most of them have been short lived already.

There was a guy who swore he wanted a relationship, but he couldn’t maintain a conversation without asking me a variation of the same very personal question! After I’d answered it in as polite a manner as possible about 4 times, I finally decided he was a waste of time. Unmatch!

Then there was the guy who said he was looking for a hookup, but kept saying relationship responses to my questions. He semi-ghosted. He might be back, but I’m not really holding out hope too much.

There are two gentlemen that physically remind me a little bit of the Boy, but (as far as I can tell) are very different personality-wise. One of them is going with me to see Ferris Bueller on Sunday with my Geeky friends… in theory. I’m not convinced I like him enough to keep him around, but it seemed only appropriate since on his profile he posted that he was the “former Sausage King of Chicago…”


He said I was the first person to get that it was a Ferris Bueller reference. I kind of feel like I have to take him with me. And there will be people there who know me and whom I trust to keep me from doing something stupid.

I also had a date on Tuesday, if you remember, and it went well. He took me to see Captain America: Civil War, and it wasn’t timed properly to go as my usual movie dates go. I was running a little late, and we rushed into the movie instead of seeing a slightly later showing. He was a little awkward, poked me in the middle of the movie like a teenager, and talked at normal volume to explain to me who a character was that I didn’t know.


Yeah, he’s going to the special hell.

But he looks like Johnny Depp and used to be a pirate at a tourist attraction on an island resort or some such, and I’d enjoy letting him take my booty, I think.

He’s spontaneous and relatively funny, but he gives kind of mixed signals.

He specifically told me he didn’t want sex, like made it into a big deal, but then we had a conversation where he bragged about his skills for nearly half an hour when I was EXHAUSTED and had to get up in 4 hours, plus still had a half an hour drive home. Afterwards, as he got into his car, he made me roll down the window to tell me he wanted me to give him a long drawn out description of what exactly I thought about what he’d said.

Sounds to me like he wants to sext… I told him I wasn’t really sure what he wanted to know, but that I thought he’d be fun, and yet I thought he’d already decided we weren’t doing that…He responded by telling me that we weren’t doing that anytime soon, but that I was welcome to bring up the topic any time.

I really don’t understand what he wants! But we’ve got a date for Saturday. So that’s something.

And I guess that’s what I mean about my luck. I find someone whom I’m very physically attracted to, and, when we’re not talking about sex, he intellectually attracts me, but then he acts both like an awkward teenager and a semi-jaded old woman at the same time, and I don’t know what to do with that.


Everything is still swinging from one extreme to the other in my life, but I seem to be surviving unusually well, so I guess, compared to how it could go, my luck isn’t so bad.

I’m just a little bit superstitious and look at signs and things, and right now, I can’t read the omens, so I don’t know what comes next. Makes me nervous…

And, on top of that, tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Hence, tonight we’ll be talking about superstitions and how to deal with bad luck. Hope you’ll join us! Follow the hashtag #JustAddTea on Twitter at 8pm CT (9pm EST, 6pm PT) tonight.


Hope to see you there!

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

5 thoughts on “Tonight on #JustAddTea: Superstitions and Friday the 13th

  1. You are a smart, funny, vibrant person. Stop dating knobs. Find someone who can communicate on your level and want the same things. If they can speak in full sentences or you can’t figure out who they really are…walk away. Don’t lower your standards. 😘

    1. Aw! That’s very sweet of you to say… well the parts about me, anyway. I kind of chocked it up to nerves on his part, which is why I’m giving him a second chance. We’re going to a museum on Saturday.

  2. You must be very fun to hangout with, I bet you find lots of friends with that funny attitude.

    1. I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately, so not really… I was actually talking with a friend about this very thing recently. We were discussing the phenomenon of how to make friends. I can make acquaintances easily, but true friends is hard. But thank you! I appreciate the compliment!

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