#DSFWeeklyRewind: A new year begins.

Well hello there, Weekly Rewinders! I’m running a little late this weekend. Today has been an interesting day, so as we rewind, we might as well work our way backwards.

Also, as part of my new outlook for this blog (and, well, this whole year, actually) I’ve made a playlist. I tried to keep it really positive and relatively new. Anything that is older is something that I absolutely love, or makes me feel particularly happy or at peace.

Those are the emotional goals for this year: happy and at peace. The rest of the rewind follows the playlist below. It’s not in any particular order, so hit shuffle and enjoy!

So to the rewind…

Today started out like a normal Sunday. I woke up, I got my laundry started, I did the Twitter Chats, but then, almost immediately after #JustAddTea, I became violently ill! See, #WritersPatch started by asking about favorite desserts, and then I was hungry. I managed to make some migas before #JustAddTea was to start, but I think I’ve been having gallbladder issues. The last time I had this ridiculously horrendous heartburn that felt like I was dying, my roommate correctly identified it as some sort of gallbladder attack. She does essential oils, and had one that actually helped.

This time, the horrendous, I-think-I’m-dying heartburn was combined with tummy troubles… let’s just say the migas wasn’t as good the second time around…


But after about 45 minutes in the tub, I felt better, and then went on about cleaning and organizing my space. For the first time in probably 6 months (or longer!) ALL of my laundry is done and my clothes are put away! I even organized my junk drawer!!

The rest of the week was less exciting… though I was sick for most of it as well, just not stomach trouble kind of sick.

Saturday was another day of catching up. I reworked this blog a bit, and created a list of goals for myself, starting with releasing some negativity.


I also started (albeit late) a program to help me create a plan to be successful in 2018. I have to admit, I feel pretty good about this year. Hopefully that doesn’t come back and bite me in the rear, but I think it’s going to be a good year.

Anyway, let’s keeping moving backwards through the week.

Friday was travelling. I spent nearly a full two weeks at my mother’s house. Definitely NOT the original plan, but I got sick in the middle of it. I spent Monday through Thursday pretty much in bed. When I wasn’t in bed, I was watching my nephew.

He is adorable! You can find more adorable pics of him from my trip on my Instagram if you’re really interested…

2017-12-27 08.54.02.jpg

He loves bananas! And he’s also definitely going through his terrible twos!

The rest of the break was usual Christmas stuff, and no, I didn’t go out for New Year’s Eve. Since I was home (and sick), I chilled with my mom, though we did take a moment to gawk at the snow at midnight. It’s rare that her part of Texas gets snow twice in such a close time frame.

It was pretty cool, actually, to see a light blanket of snow on everything. Although the horse trough froze, and that’s not cool. I’m not kidding when I say that my family lives out in the country… Cows, horses, the whole shtick.


But anyway, that’s my last week plus some. In the coming weeks, I will be continuing the weekly rewind, but I hope I’ll also be adding more content. I want to get this blog back to a useful thing, and not just a weekly recap of my life.

While the rewind is nice and cathartic, my life has been relatively dull as of late. I have been talking to a handful of people on Bumble, but nothing that’s gone anywhere… mostly my fault for being so hung up on my trust issues from my Last Guy situation. And school keeps me pretty busy usually anyway. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping to write more and include some of that here.

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great week! And I’ll see you around the Rewind! (Don’t forget to try out that playlist… I’m curious what y’all think!)

#DSFWeeklyRewind is a weekly linkup for Twitterites and other bloggers who want to share their week, perhaps with a dash of creativity, and some gratitude. Join us! And invite your friends! It is hosted by Tara over at Daisy Smiley Face.

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: A new year begins.

  1. Slower times are good some times. You’ll remember them fondly when time starts to get too hectic! Sorry you were sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

    Thanks for participating in the #DSFWeeklyRewind again!

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