#DSFWeeklyRewind: A little early…

Good afternoon weekly rewinders! Last week I was late with the post, and now this week I’m a teensy bit early… well early for me. And I’ve already (just two weeks in) messed up my timing for posting a creative writing piece on Wednesdays…

I do have an explanation, though some might call it an excuse. I’m sick again.


Yeah, I know, I’m starting to feel like I need to be put in a bubble or something. I think I got sick right before or after Thanksgiving, then was sick for over half of the Christmas break, and we had a 3 day weekend, AND 2 snow days, and I’m sick again! Last Sunday, when I wrote (although I forgot to post) last week’s weekly rewind, was the last day I felt even remotely normal. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I spent mostly in bed. I only got up to go to the bathroom and grab something to eat or drink. Mostly drink. I think I’ve drunk my body weight in liquids every day for this past week.

Wednesday night we got the call and email that school would be on for Thursday, and I thought I’d feel better, so no worries. I’d already been sick for 3 days; it had to have run it’s course by then, surely! To be sure I’d be okay, I even went to the store and bought cold and flu medication, so I could breathe properly.

Let me tell you, that was an interesting basket. See, apparently I’m being punished for how good last week felt. I was supposed to have had my monthly the previous week, and it was exceedingly mild, like if I’d been sexually active I’d be worried kind of mild… Then Tuesday night, it hit with a ferocity I was not prepared for! So, there I was, stopped up at one end, and leaking like a sieve at the other, walking through the grocery store, hoping no one would notice me or talk to me while I got six items: Midol, decongestant, tampons, potato chips, chocolate, and Sprite.

It’s one of those days I didn’t much like being a girl…

The lady behind the counter just looked at me and said she was sorry. It has been that kind of week…

Initially, I felt lucky because we’d had a couple of snow days that allowed me to get better without using any of my sick days. If I’m honest, I felt like they were wasted days because I didn’t see any snow, or really any ice anywhere. For that matter, when I left the house to get medicine, it didn’t really feel that cold outside to me. That should have been a sign that something wasn’t right, seeing as it was below freezing outside…


Either way, the Gods had smiled upon me and given me two days free to get better. I should have gone to the doctor on one of those days, but I assumed I couldn’t possibly have the flu since I dutifully got my flu shot…

Did you know that sometimes the flu shot just means that your symptoms aren’t as bad?

And, according to my roommate, it turns out the flu shot this year was only effective 10% of the time this year. So, I took the shot for no reason, and all it did was make my symptoms less intense so I didn’t go in as early as I should have because I was under the misguided belief that it couldn’t possibly be the flu because I took the appropriate cautions…

Yeah… so that happened. I was given a note to stay out the rest of the week to get better and not be contagious, and given a prescription for Tamiflu… well, the generic brand anyway.

So if you need me, this weekend (like most of this week) I’ll be curled up in bed with a book (or Netflix), some Tamiflu, and probably a big mug of tea, listening to music and thinking healing thoughts.

In theory, I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow, for this week’s #JustAddTea, but luckily, I’d already decided this week would be a potluck where everyone brings their own questions. Anything goes, so long as the questions are writing related and respectful.

Hope to see you there!

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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