Merry Lughnasadh: Face the Sun

Welcome to my favorite time of the year! I’m not quite sure why this holiday is my favorite. I looked back at a few of my previous Lughnasadh posts and it seems that it has a lot to do with what it represents: Lugh the Long-Armed.

And while I do appreciate his story, I don’t know if that’s why I like this time of year so much.

Lugh Large

For those who don’t know about Lugh, as I’ve said every year, he is basically the original Jack of All Trades, only he was also Master of All Trades. As such, he is often the patron deity for those of a creative nature, and, at least lately, I’ve been feeling that more than usual.

Of all the things I’ve embraced about myself this year, I’ve decided to embrace whole-heartedly my artistic side. Partially because I’ve been having a hard time staying focused on my writing, but I do not want to lose touch with my creativity…

And also because I think my imagination would run away with me if I didn’t find some outlet for it.

As such, I do feel an affinity with Lugh the Long-Armed, but I think my love for this particular season is the feeling of an ending that also obviously heralds a beginning. The fun and carefree nature of summer is ending but, with its end, comes the beginning of a new school year that is full of promise. There are preparations for the school year that mirror the harvests of old as we (teachers) stockpile school supplies and harvest the last memories before the summer is over.

So, as the wheel turns again, this is the time of year where we begin to harvest what we’ve sown and to begin preparing for the hardships and lack during the winter time… or, in this case, the school year.



This year, it feels like I spent a great deal of my time sowing into my teaching career, and I can see the benefits beginning to ripen. They may not be ready for this harvest, but there are two more harvests to go this year.

On the other hand, though, I’ve been recognized by people that I hadn’t expected to recognize my gifts, so that is definitely something. Perhaps that is one way to reap from the toil of this year!

Besides that, I have been “adulting” rather well. While I spent more in July than I had intended, most of it was on paying bills and getting caught up so that I could make even more progress financially.

And here is where my harvest, my goals, and my creativity all seem to merge:

Bullet Journaling.


I know that sounds strange, but because of my successes and recognition at school, I made a friend who was one of the only people to give me a gift for my birthday. Her gift allowed me to get into the whole BuJo world. The very nature of the Bullet Journal allows me an outlet for my creativity and it helps to keep me focused.

That focus is another thing that I believe to be a harvest from the struggles of the past year… or the past several years, to be honest.

See, another thing I’m embracing about myself this year is my autism.

I remember in college, feeling this constant struggle between my “real life” and my “spiritual life.” “Real life” was anything I had to do but didn’t like but felt was a necessity to be “normal,” while my “spiritual life” was comprised of all the things that I felt drawn to: my creativity, my dreams, my friends who were of a counter-cultural persuasion, etc.


Over the past few years, I’ve learned that this feeling of disconnect has to do with my autism. It was a thing I didn’t know how to fight. I was lucky to find a job that fits within the parameters of both my “real life” and my “spiritual life.”

Believe me, it wasn’t an easy search. Even though I had wanted to be a teacher since the third grade, I also wanted very desperately to be a writer and I tried to do that for a career (in marketing), but was miserable!

So I went back to teaching, but, while teaching is very close to perfect for me, I still need a creative outlet. It’s almost as if creativity is one of my stims.

I know that’s not how it works, but other than my stims when I’m walking through a crowded hallway or am waiting in line in a place I’m unfamiliar, most of my stims are some form of dancing or harmonizing in something akin to singing. When I was little, I would even dance around singing “opera” in a made-up language…

Creativity has been deeply ingrained in my person since I was young.


Those “real life” executive functioning skills have always been hard for me, but with my BuJo, I now have a way to keep focused on them and stay on top of things in a way that appeals to my “spiritual life.”

I’ll be posting more in-depth about my August bullet journal later this week, but here’s a little taste of what I’ve accomplished:

Notice the quote? “Turn your face to the Sun and the Shadows fall behind.”

While I did not make my blueberry pie today, I did dedicate the August spread to sunflowers because it is time to face the sun and stay out of the shadows. I also helped a few members of my family in a way that felt like bringing in a harvest, and I took a walk to enjoy some of the last rays of the summer sun.

This week is basically the last week of my summer, but I’m looking forward to an interesting school year, and I know that Lugh the Long-Armed will guide me so that I may become a master of all the trades and tasks that I love.

May your harvest be bountiful, and may the sun and the love of your chosen God light your path.


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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