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Sometimes a mistake can make miracles

I wrote a post about Caitlyn Jenner. I even tried to clarify it, and while I haven’t had many (or ANY comments) on here about it, my Facebook friends have had plenty to say. Some have been concerned I don’t understand what the Trans Community is all about, and some have decided I’m a traitor to their cause, and some have been surprisingly supportive of what my intentions were.

It’s led to some interesting discussions, and maybe that’s the more important thing. Maybe it’s more important that we open up and share our opinions so we can truly figure out what we’re all trying to say. I know that even after three attempts, I still haven’t gotten it right.

I with all my skill with words, between my theatrical training and my literary work, my studies of writing and my teaching of the same, I have not been able to adequately express myself.

So let me try a different method. Let me share with you some of the things that have come up as part of my discussions about the Caitlyn Jenner coming out story.  Continue reading Sometimes a mistake can make miracles

Let me clarify…

It seems I need to explain myself a bit concerning yesterday’s post about Caitlyn Jenner. I apparently offended a friend of mine because he felt I was belittling the transition procedure for those with gender dysphoria by “unfairly comparing it to elective surgery.” This was not my intent. I am very aware how difficult the process is for those who suffer from gender dysphoria.

The fear of not being able to be yourself or the pain that comes from looking in the mirror and seeing someone other than who you truly are must be intense. There are plenty of statistics about the tragedies that befall the trans community: some people would rather commit suicide than live in the wrong body; other people would rather kill their trans neighbors than accept them for who they are.

Obviously the war for equality is still ongoing.

I in no way was trying to insinuate that their transition and the hardships they endure are not extreme. My reason for yesterday’s post was to illustrate that sometimes we do more harm than good by creating labels, or glorifying one person’s experience over another’s.

Yes, Caitlyn Jenner has given a face to those who have felt faceless, and this is a very positive development for the trans community. However, she is hardly the first celebrity to undergo the transition. Remember Chaz Bono? Continue reading Let me clarify…

Welcome Caitlyn! Now please go away…

*As this still gets lots of views, please read the better explanation here. I have no animosity towards Transpersons, or any persons, so I want to make sure you get my actual feelings… not my rantings that it took me 3 times to get right. 

Before I get lynched, let me explain that I’m not hating on Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months). I want to say she’s a beautiful woman, and I am very happy for her that she’s finally been able to come out as who she truly is. I can only imagine how hard it is to live when the person you are on the inside is different than the person you are on the outside, and it took great courage for her to undergo this process in such a public way.

And wow is she fierce! Look at that photo! She definitely does more than just “pass” as a woman (yes I know it’s un-PC to use that term, bare with me for just a moment while I give compliments). There are few women, trans or otherwise, that would pose in such a revealing outfit at her age, but she did, and she pulled it off! Now the whole world can go on without wondering what she’s hiding under her clothes, because these particular clothes leave very little to the imagination.

And yet it was a rather tasteful outfit…unlike some of the outfits worn by some of her Kardashian family members in similar photo shoots.  Continue reading Welcome Caitlyn! Now please go away…