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Responses to Mr. West Coast’s words.

Yesterday I wrote a post sharing some of the things that Mr. West Coast has said to me in our correspondences. It wasn’t everything. I left out anything that I felt would have been too personal, such as information about where he works or about his family situation. I focused on the things that I found particularly condescending, demeaning, misogynistic, irritating… choose your adjective.

I had full intentions of leaving it alone from there. I thought his words spoke well enough on their own, but some of the responses I’ve gotten have prompted me to discuss it a bit more, though this will be the last of it.

I’ve had people comment that they wanted his number because they liked flowers, and that it was as simple as he was “trolling” me because “he wants attention.”

I even had one person tell me that my sharing the content was somehow like revenge porn… Still not sure how that works exactly, particularly since I didn’t share any personal information and because Mr. West Coast has made comments to the effect that it showed a lack of character on my part for not sharing his words directly. And some of it came from comments he left on my blog, ones that I didn’t let through because of the negative tone they held. In fact the last one, the one in full, was left as a comment.

I could very well have just let the comments through, but due to their length and what I felt was a predominantly negative or manipulative tone, I didn’t.  Continue reading Responses to Mr. West Coast’s words.